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Oracle Leather

Novarva leather boots

Novarva leather boots

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These leather buckle boots were formerly sold under the Anahata Designs brand, and are now part of Oracle Leather, the former lead designer of Anahata Designs' new project. Receive the same quality, love, and customer service that you've come to expect.

Full disclosure, these aren't 100% my design. I took an image of an existing amazing pair of boots online that I always wanted that are no longer available, and tweaked and changed them a lot to make them into my own personal pair. I've always prided myself on designing every item I've made from scratch, from the ground up, not using anyone else's designs as a basis, so I definitely didn't feel good about calling them my own design.

(google image search "mens buckle boots" you'll see which ones I'm talking about)

I've had so many requests for them that I'm able to make them now, custom ordered to your exact measurements. They're also very adjustable, and once you adjust them once, they just zip up on the inside.

They stand up more to begin with, and get slouchier over time. The last shot is of my personal pair that I've had for years.

Only available for preorder at the moment, so please do reach out to have us make you a pair!

Also available without python.

---Current turnaround time for custom boots is 120 days---


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