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Oracle Leather

Rainbow Warrior fingerless leather gloves

Rainbow Warrior fingerless leather gloves

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    • The Rainbow Warrior gloves feature our signature rainbow stitching, two toned leather detailing, and riveted accents extending over the knuckles

    • These leather fingerless gloves were formerly sold under the Anahata Designs brand, and are now part of Oracle Leather, the former lead designer of Anahata Designs' new project.
    • Expect the same quality, love, and customer service that you've come to expect <3
Glove Size  measure around widest part of hand not including thumb
XS 16 cm / 6.5 inches
S 18 cm / 7.2 inches
M 20 cm / 8 inches
L 22 cm / 8.8 inches
XL 24 cm / 9.6 inches
XXL 26 cm / 10.4 inches

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